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Address: 37 Renoir st, Bougain villas, Century City, Cape Town Contact: Mare 0727473356

Mare Kuhn Photography and Design - Business Services - Advertising - Western Cape - Cape Town

37 Renoir st, Bougain villas, Century City, Cape Town

Maré kühn has over 6 years of photographic experience, a couple of design diplomas and an honours degree in cinematography. Even though she has the educational foundation for taking great photos she has the experience to back it up and at the end the most amazing work to show it off with. Maré has travelled to places like panama, new york, mexico and caribbean to name a view but will always call cape town south africa home. maré has a way of being in the moment very quickly and knows her equipment so well that it will never fail to deliver. She is an all round photographer but loves and prefers the outdoors. Maré is not only an all rounder in photography but she also has the education and experience in cinematography and graphic design.

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