Southern Exchange Web and Traffic Exchange Business

Sandton, Gauteng - South Africa

R 350 000
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Contact: Morgan Paige

Account Name: Morgan Paige
User Since: 27/07/16
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Appsy’s Southern Exchange is a first of its kind leading African Traffic and web exchange company providing smart traffic system, using auto-surf function and anonymous and dedicated traffic for individuals,corporates and small to medium enterprises.

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With unlimited automated earning features it proves to be the first of its kind Instant Business and Website Promotion tool in South Africa.

# R1,000,000 Monthly on Sales Revenue
# No competitor,Fresh Market
#Fully Automated
#Run 24/7 (Exponential growth)
#No competitor

For Individuals

Your users may..
Earn more traffic by viewing other users websites advertisements.Then withdraw the points they have earned as Cash via integrated payment systems (Paypal,Payza,Payfast,FNB,Stripe) or use them to buy more website slots/sessions/upgrades.

Additionally earn more Points by referring others to your system and earning multiple-tier commission per every user referred.

You may enable/disable third-party websites ads in a case where your users promote Adsense or any Pay-Per-Click website within the system to gain commission from multiple websites.

Because the system is Organic Target your users can always be assured to view websites that fits their interest/needs thus connecting them to relevant businesses whilst at the same time they earn revenue.

This and Many More

For Businesses

Business owners can purchase Traffic packages directly from your system (The Traffic is organically targeted to suits each users needs/interests by location,which means more conversion,leads and sales. E.G Accounting - Johannesburg)

In a case where businesses have not one but many websites they can also purchase website and Session Slots directly from the system.

The system is designed to connect businesses with prospects/clients/seekers in every field of profession whilst insuring that both parties interests are met.Thus making it one of a kind to hit Africa.

As the system owner you get to control all the features,members,how the system functions,business model of the system,create third party advertisements,change and create memberships and more

Below is the list of features that comes with the system
* Newsletters: Adding newsletters system
* Browsing: Get Back to the normal browsing using the browser
* Browsing: The possibility to browsing without login
* Browsing: The possibility to Run Multiple sessions at the same browser
* Geo-targeting: Adding the Geo-targeting function
* Template: Adding a new template included for FREE
* Authentication: Adding Social Authentication (Facebook/Twitter/Google)
* Ads: The possibility to Embed ads

Admin: New features >>
* SEO: The possibility to edit/control SEO settings easily
* Analyze: The posibility to embed google analyze code from admin
* Ads: Control ads easily from admin
* Newsletters: Newsletters system (Mail function/SMTP)

Users: new features
* Now you can add users from admin
* Now you can Upgrade user from admin
* Search: Adding a smart search to admin panel
* Websites: Adding a new section for Websites need confirmation
* Payment: Adding Stripe Payment, Adding Payment using earned funds
* Referrals: Improve the referrals program (affiliates), now users can make money by get referrals
* Browsing: Adding the traffic source (custom referer) option
* Browsing: Adding the (NewTab window) to the (PopUp window) you can choose what you want
* Browsing: Adding unlimited control to min & max visit duration
* Browsing: Adding possibility to require the focus on the exchange window
* Template: Now you can add your logo or text
* Extensions: Generate a custom browser extensions for your website
* Withdrawal: Users can withdrawals all funds
* Admin panel: adding a page containing latest websites who need confirmation
* Plans: adding the possibility to add a custom duration for each upgrade plan
* Plans design: adding a new design to the Plans
* and more..

Security and Extra Features

*  Login: Secured ajax login form
*  Resend confirmation: Ajax Resend confirmation form Secured by Recaptcha
*  Password Reset: Ajax resting password form Secured by Recaptcha
*  Sign-up: Secured ajax sign-up form
* Email activation (you can disable it from admin panel)
* How it work: a page explain how the traffic exchange work
* Contact page: a ready contact page included (All messages sent to email site)
* Languages: 14 language included, & guest/user can switch to any language
* Fully translatable
* Dashboard: A Real time Statistics
* Browsing: Automatic Browsing function for traffic exchange
* Appsy protected from Automated addons like iMacros scripts
* Send anonymous traffic (no referrer a€“ no iframe)
* Users can start a multiple sessions
* Users can add a limited sessions (you can add an upgrade plan for more sessions)
* Users will get a ratio from earned points for each traffic exchange (and the system will get the rest)

* Websites: User can (Add/Edit/Delete/Start/Stop) website
* Users can set a visit duration for each website
* Users can set a max visitors per hour for each website
* Users can set a limited visitors for each website
* Users can add a limited websites (you can add an upgrade plan for more websites)

Referrals: An automatic referrals program (it can be automatic confirm or manual you can control it from admin panel)

* Payments: User can see all payments
* Support multiple currencies
* Integrated with Paypal,Payza,Stripe
* You can sell Traffic to users ( automatic ) (using Paypal,Payza & Stripe )
* You can sell Extra website/session slots to users ( automatic ) (using Paypal,Payza & Stripe )
* Users can Upgrade their accounts ( automatic ) (using Paypal,Payza & Stripe )

More Security
Security: The possibility of changing the http protocol to https (to use https as default in all system work)
And so much Morea€¦

Along with Sales you will Get

1. Source Code
2. Domain Name (In desired Extension)
3. Facebook and Twitter Page (Including Facebook group with over 1000 members)
4. Marketing Materials.
5. Project that costs 45k to develop to help you become successful

Why are we selling?

We are shifting our focus From the Traffic Systems to the financial applications development.

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Available: 2 ms, 2 wks ago
Contact: Morgan Paige

Account Name: Morgan Paige
User Since: 27/07/16
Ads Published: 2
Ads Active: 1

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