Tiller / Rotovator / Walk Tractor

Kyalami, Gauteng - South Africa



I have a 7.5hp petrol for R11999, a 5hp diesel for R14999, A big model 7hp diesel at R17999 and a big 12hp diesel at R19999, and 12hp Keystart version at R22999. All brand new, also have ploughs, hoe blades, ride on’s etc available. All models have two forward gears and a reverse. Look at other implements on www.tillers4africa.co.za

Ideal for sustainable vegetable gardens and tilling compost, bone meal and fertiliser into the soil.
Ideal for tilling between crops aiding in aeration and removing weeds, doing it far cheaper than labour costs.
Ideal for landscapers and lawn growers to prepare gardens quicker and cheaper than labour.
Ideal for golf courses to till bunkers and prepare fairways
Ideal for the small holder as at the price its far cheaper than just the tractor never mind all the implements.

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