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Mobile Charging Solutions Mobile Charging Stations
Weltevreden Park, Gauteng - South Africa

Mobile Charging Solutions Mobile Charging Stations Weltevreden Park, Gauteng - South Africa

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Mobile Charging Solutions Mobile Charging Stations Weltevreden Park, Gauteng - South Africa


Cell phones are being improved and upgraded on a daily basis, but one thing they never seem to get right is battery life. If you forget to do that all-important night time charge, than you may very well sit without a cell phone half way through the day as a repercussion.

Is there a solution to this problem? Well that’s when Mobile Charging Solutions takes charge, the new Mobile Charging Station; “Your Charging Buddy” is a revolutionary new mobile product which may very well eliminate battery life issues.

Power draining apps on your Smartphone or tablet will no longer keep you on a usage time limit or tethered to a power outlet. With this latest edition to the Mobile Market is powerful and compact for portability anywhere. Whether you’re having lunch, coffee or a meeting, the Mobile Power Station is your everyday power rescuer.

How it works

Free or paid charging, it’s up to you – If you are a business owner, you may choose to either allow your customers to pay for the “charge time”, or offer it as a valued added service.
Charge away! – Your customers then simply choose the correct power outlet and charge their devices with ease at their table when having a coffee, a bite to eat or at the pub enjoying a drink. These charging stations also offer great advertising possibilities
Charge your Smartphone, tablet, and other mobile devices anywhere with our rechargeable, external battery pack. “Your Charging Buddy” Mobile Power Station with Device Adapters will keep you powered up.

Whether you need to charge your phone, tablet, camera, or other device, we have the right tip for you. “Your Charging Buddy” Mobile Power Station will work with your existing devices’ USB power cables.

Compatible Devices*

Cell phones
iPad 1 & 2
BlackBerry devices
Digital cameras
Most MP3 players
Most devices which plug into a USB, or Micro-USB power source
*Some devices may get different results due to larger power capacity requirement


Places where the Charging Buddy can be used

Restaurant Cell Phone Charger

Place a smart phone charging station at every table; you’ll keep your guests longer and happier. That means more sales and repeat business. Everybody can relate to the “My Cell Phone Died” problem. Everyday, people are looking for a place to go and charge their phone.

All your customers have to do is ask their patron for The Charging Buddy and charge up conveniently at their table while dining.

Bar & Pub Cell Phone Charger

Imagine all the food and drink they’ll buy while their cell phone charges? That’s why business owners love The Charging Buddy. Place the adverts around the premises and on the bar counter: “Phone running low or dead, charge your phone in comfort at your table!” You’ll notice an increase and sales, as the customers don’t have to leave. As we all know, social networks are very popular and battery draining, and now you can keep them charged up.

Coffee Shop Cell Phone Charger

Most Coffee Shops offer Free Wi-Fi right? Its battery draining, Why not offer Free Cell Phone Charging as well, as a value added service combined with Free WIFI, Increase in sales as the customer stays for a longer period of time, and word of mouth advertising on the service received from your business. What better way to attract more customers. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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