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Kathu, Northern Cape - South Africa

Soft Kathu, Northern Cape - South Africa

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Soft Kathu, Northern Cape - South Africa



Today just getting clothes clean is not enough. People want
their clothes to smell and feel soft and fresh. Being free from
static and easier to iron are all added advantages.

Soft is a modern, multifunctional softener that:
Imparts a pleasant, soft feel and desirable, fresh fragrance.
It softens textiles and eliminates static build up, making clothes
easier to iron. It can also be used as antistatic spray on carpets.
Directions for use:
Machine Wash: Add 5 ml of Soft per 5 kg washing load to final
rinse cycle.
Hand Wash: Add 5 ml of Soft per 10 litres of water, in last rinse.
Carpet Antistatic: Using a GNLD spray bottle, add a few drops of
Soft per 500 ml of water. Spray carpet lightly, but do not soak.

Multi-functional softener - softens and freshens.
Eliminates static build up on clothes and can even be
used on carpets.
Economical, concentrated product: a little goes a long
Easy to use: just add to the rinsing cycle of any modern
washing machine or to hand washed laundry.

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