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E.E.S.R.U.F. Ems Emergency Security Reaction Units Farmwatch - Safety & Security Services
Ermelo, Mpumalanga - South Africa

E.E.S.R.U.F. Ems Emergency Security Reaction Units Farmwatch - Safety & Security Services Ermelo, Mpumalanga - South Africa

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E.E.S.R.U.F. Ems Emergency Security Reaction Units Farmwatch - Safety & Security Services Ermelo, Mpumalanga - South Africa


EESRUF Ems Emergency Security Reacation Units & Farmwatch


Emergency Response.

AAA Panic Button (GPS & LBS)

Operations support ON premium

24 hour emergency contol Centre with access to

100+ professional organisations all experts in the field.

Full support from.

CPF/GPF Community Policing groups.
First Response iR Service-Ambulance services
Thirty Nine - 10111 Operations. k9 units.
National Intelligence. and The Hawk’s.

Flight operations.
Fire search & Rescue.
Emergency Response & Prevention Centre’s.
VCAT violent crime technology support.
Black box data recorder.
Crisis Centre.
Roadside Assistance.
Animal Welfare, Wildlife & Raptor Rescue.
Crime report centre.
Vehicle Check Centre.
Chaplin and trauma unit.
Victims Support Unit.

E.E.S.R.U.F Emergency Response farmwatch

has brought forward the Fight against Farm attacks as our highest priority

E.E.S.R.U.F has teamed up with 100+ of the best Organisations in the field including law enforcement. Medical Response services and Private Security Companies providing a specialist service to our farming community. Not only farm attacks but all major violent crimes.

E.E.S.R.U.F has joined forces with TrackBox Technologies , StratTech Innovations, Sa CAN and VCAT violent crime technology support.
TrackBox is a singular platform that connects South Africans to most branches of emergency services country-wide. launched Together SA CAN back in 2003 with the goal of uniting all emergency services role players into “South Africa’s 911 emergency system.” whose primary function is to facilitate and co-ordinate responses to emergencies anywhere in South Africa, anytime. TrackBox is our technology that makes this collaboration bigger, better and faster.

Living up to our motto of


We can now proudly say that we have a base of over 1.2 million members. Our strength is in our network of over 100 united organisations, each one experts’ in their field, across all services from

SAPS, The Hawks, Metro Police, Security Companies, Fire and Rescue, Advanced Life support and Medical Services, Animal Welfare, Wildlife and Raptor Rescue (AWR), Flight Operations, Municipal Services, Crisis Centres, NGO’s, Neighbourhood Watch and Farm Watch.

Your safety is our primary concern.

To this end E.E.S.R.U.F went from a previously free community collaborative group to a Paid business model. EESRUF (PTY)LTD

This transition a few months ago allowed us to go from basic assistance, to some of the best service assistance available in South Africa. We felt that when it came to saving lives this was a no brainer.

In order to be as transparent as possible, and clear any confusion that may exist, we wish to clarify the following.

We offer Premium paid services, when seconds count and saving lives matter.

AAA E.E.S.R.U.F Emergency Panic system with multiple services and features + response in 10 seconds

We are now a Paid business model, and as such provide life saving emergency response services, in combination with many other premium services for your safety and security, through ERPC Trackbox Technology, SA CAN, NETCARE911, VCAT Violent crime technology support and stratTech which is unrivaled,

and is monitored through three independent control rooms.

Like anything this costs money, and makes up the monthly fee of R86.50 per member to be able to effectively provide these professional services to our premium paid members.
We are after all a business now.EESRUF (PTY)LTD

(FREE) Non paying members ARE Limited TO government services only (10111 and state ambulance service)

Non paying members remain as the old group members would through Zello/Telegram be assisted only, and we cannot guarantee the “ten second” response rule to non paying members, through the control rooms.(10111 and state ambulance service)

Non paying members are generally restricted to local government services, if and when they are available at that time in tine of need.

The safety of our people remain our primary concern, we will not deny anyone help if we are in a position to assist, but unlike paying members, non paying members do not have access to premium packages, immediate response and multiple safety features like the AAA EESRUF Panic Button, Private Ambulances,Track Me Function, Stolen mobile Recovery, MDDR, ETC.

It is those seconds, and designed features that make the life saving difference to protecting lives and properties.

It is for this very reason that we encourage all members to make use of the premium service, as seconds save lives.
We trust the above clears any possible confusion with regard to our services

Call for more information Andre Pretorius 0726006595
Managing Director EESRUF (PTY)Ltd

THANK YOU E.E.S.R.U.F Community for all your info and support!

We are now opening an IMICS (Incident Management & Information Capturing System) case, verifying and liaising with all role-players, mapping every incident and message from the community through the E.E.S.R.U.F. Comms Centre - Alerts System.

EESRUF helps our Communities in every way possible With Different projects,

These Projects are only Possible from Community Funding and Donations

From Handing out Food parcells clothing and ensure that our Helpless are not forgotten, The young, old and the destitute including the our Crisis fund,

Kindly help EESRUF in our community projects, Donate!!

EESRUF Charity updates on Telegram, View or projects on telegram

Other donations( clothing, Food, etc can be Collected or dropped off at designated areas).

Chrissie Gericke 0826836735
Miems van Rhyn 082 891 0639

Use banking details:

E.E.S.R.U.F (PTY) Ltd
FNB Acc 62790703782
Branch 250655
VAT Nr 9955747168
Andre 0726006595

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Contact: Admin Control room

Account Name: EESRUF
User Since: 05 Mar 2018
Ads Published: 5
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