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wanted House


I come from a Catholic family (Northern Suburbs). Just a few short weeks ago, we were devastated to lose our beloved Dad due to a brain tumour. At the same time, my sister was fighting breast cancer and after weeks of intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy, we were looking forward to receiving news recently that she is in remission. It didn’t work that way, she started experiencing major pain to the point where she’s been out of work for the last 3 weeks.

After going back to the hospital today to get the results of all the recent tests she’s had to undergo, we’ve just been given the devastating news that her liver is riddled with cancer, so much so, that there is nothing more they can do for her other than to increase the 4 hourly dose of morphine she is on in an effort to ease the horrific pain she is in. She has a few months to left to live. A young woman who never smoked a cigarette in her life and never drank alcohol.

She is just a year and a half older than me - 41yrs old and what’s worse, she’s a single mom of two sons. Due to her critical condition, she will never be able to return to work and most likely, remain bedridden until her last breath.

At present, I live with my fiance and two daughters in a one bedroom flat. A week after my Dad died, we got the wonderful news that I am pregnant again - God takes life, and He gives life.

With our current living conditions it is impossible for me to care for my sister and her two sons. She can no longer do anything for herself, not even feed them. I would dearly love to be able to take care of her during these final months and let her not waste away on her own, but I need a house to accommodate us all.

Due to having been unemployed for a while and debt just building up, we are unable to afford anything more than R5000 rental per month. To be honest, the flat we’re living in is a furnished flat so we would have the bear minimum to move with, other than my sisters few belongings (she stays in a flat too).

I know this is one hell of a request - a miracle if it happens - but I’d like to think we can still believe in miracles, even in these sad, desperate times. If anyone out there has a home we could rent for a maximum of R5000 per month with at least 4 bedrooms in the Northern Suburbs so I can take care of my sister before she closes her eyes for the very last time - PLEASE PLEASE BE THAT GOOD SAMARITAN AND CONTACT ME.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt - you will eternally blessed for that act of kindness. I know this seems an unrealistic request, so I’m seriously holding out for a miracle here.

Our Lord God said “Ask, and you shall receive”.

So here I am.. I’m not only asking, I’m begging!

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