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Solutions Alliance Virtual Assistant Services Virtual Assistant Services
Cape Town, Western Cape - South Africa

Solutions Alliance Virtual Assistant Services Virtual Assistant Services Cape Town, Western Cape - South Africa

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Solutions Alliance Virtual Assistant Services Virtual Assistant Services Cape Town, Western Cape - South Africa


Typing Services:

Our administrators have advanced typing skills.  Here are some of the documents that we have experience in typing:

-Copy Typing
-Books / Articles
-Blog / Website Content
-Company Policies and Procedures
-Human Resource and Employee Relations Documents (Letters of Employment, Training & Development, Benefits, Employment Contracts, etc.)
-Brochures / Pamphlets
-Training material, textbooks, user manuals and guides

Edit, correct and improve the quality of client’s writing:

-Ensure that work is up to the highest and most appropriate standards of correct and acceptable English
-Transcribe audio files accurately and timeously
-Write and compile quality, error-free documents according to the client’s specifications
-Format documents if necessary
-Design documents including graphics, artwork and page layout
-All work confidential

Our typists are paid a set rate, per page (standard margins on a A4 page - font size 12 - single line spacing) for all text only contracts.  If graphics and special instructions are required, then price is negotiated on a contract to contract basis.

Website Testing:

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, in which there is diminishing differentiation, companies are focusing more on service delivery as a differentiator. Consistency, reliability, trust and loyalty in terms of their customer interactions are words which describe what brands are striving to achieve. Brands are built or destroyed one customer at a time — every time a customer visits a store, clicks on a website or calls a contact centre. Through gaining an in-depth understanding of their customers, defining their customer’s ideal experience and then using Website Testers to measure what customers actually receive during a service interaction, companies are effectively using our Website Testers to:

-identify areas of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction with different elements of the overall customer experience
-identify operational issues which could lead to inconsistent or poor customer experiences
-assess employee’s interaction skills when interacting with customers
-identify online challenges and enhancements that need to be made
-assist in building your company brand
-we will provide you with unbiased company reviews based on our experience
Website Testing Costs:

Website Testing ONLY (Worldwide Service) - starting from R200.00 per site

Website Purchasing / Check-out Testing - starting from R200.00 per site PLUS budgeted amount for item purchased together with postage/delivery.

NB:  You will receive a feedback form with constructive comments and suggestions upon completion of test.  If you would like a full website report to assist you with your search engine optimization, then this will be an additional fee of R250 for this information.

Email Customer Service Agent:

Internet Marketers sell products and need support to answer email queries.  Our freelancers read and address each query to a professional standard, allowing you to focus on gaining and growing your business. 

Social Media Posting:

Social media networking is one of the most vital areas for your business. Gaining a strong online presence with help you get recognised and get a top listing on Search Engines.  Most potential clients google for results and they very rarely scroll down to the bottom of the page or click ‘next page’.  By getting active on social sites, you will gain followers and status amongst the networks.

Ad Posting:

Online advertising is a great way to expand and expose your business, but it can be very time consuming - why not let us take on this task for you?  Freeing you up to do what you do best - make money and grow your business.

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