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SaMillionairesMLM Marketing
Upington, Northern Cape - South Africa

SaMillionairesMLM Marketing Upington, Northern Cape - South Africa

Available: 1 yr, 8 ms ago
Contact: Chris

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SaMillionairesMLM Marketing Upington, Northern Cape - South Africa


MLM Business Partners needed - No Capital required

I am looking for dynamic individuals that can partner with me.

Must have Marketing Experience
Good Communication Skills
Hard Working
Team Players

I designed and developed a marketing platform (website) to market my Mema opportunity and need people to study my work and if interested to join me and I will give them full ownership of the platform in the form of “Regional Managers”.

Regional Manager on advantages on my website means a central point of contact and really taking the business to the people on ground level.

Let me explain. The “Contact” page on the website will display the Regional Manager as the highest rank and you can appoint “Area managers” that will be a big plus to you. All your area manager will appear under you on the “Contact” page for that particular region and areas.

You just need to find the perfect people to appoint as area manager and your work will be done…all communication on the Contact page will be divert to me for enquiries. 

According to the Mema compensation plan does one need 4 people in your downline to stand a chance of earning R34 000 plus downwards and will put you in line as “Regional Manager” to initiate the process by appointing “Area managers”...

What we also do is recording “Inbound Testimonies” that we will soon make public to inspire everyone interested to join.

I also need you to share ideas on the website etc….

I know everyone make use of their mobiles to visit websites but I will recommend you to visit the website from a laptop or desktop pc….we do however use WhatsApp as one of our innovation tools to simplify the process but for this task magnify the view to a laptop or pc.

I do expect performance within a week or two as an indication that you take this seriously….if Regional Managers or Area Managers don’t perform , I will have to replace them to keep the flow going.

Please email on or call me on 0748468272

Please visit the main website first and look at the “Contact” Page.

Go to the Western Cape “Regional Manager’s” Website and once again go to “Contact” Page.

Just an idea…..


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