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Pioneer Rekordbox DJ System, Multi-Source DJ System - USB/PC Link/Midi/Analog Inputs XDJ-RX New

Germiston, Gauteng - South Africa

R 30 999
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Pioneer Rekordbox DJ System, Multi-Source DJ System - USB/PC Link/Midi/Analog Inputs XDJ-RX New


Multi-source DJ system i¿½ USB/PC Link/MIDI/Analog Inputs
Supports rekordboxi¿½ music management software
High resolution 7-inch LCD color display with dual waveforms
Hot Cue, Auto Beat Loop, and new Loop Slice buttons
Stand-alone DJ mixer capability
Record directly to USB storage devices
The XDJ-RX features a high-resolution 7-inch LCD color monitor located on the top center of the console to display an array of music information.
Browse Screen i¿½ Displays music information stored on a connected USB device by playlist, artist, album, track, history and folder.
Wave and Wave Zoom i¿½ During music playback, the entire waveform of the music from each deck can be viewed simultaneously on the screen. Users can also change the resolution of the waveforms with a turn of the rotary knob, providing five levels of Wave Zoom to show the details of the music transitions.
Beat Count i¿½ Accurately displays the number of beats until a set point.

The XDJ-RX follows a similar layout as Pioneeri¿½s flagship models and offers similar functions and operability.

Beat Sync i¿½ The feature let users instantly match tempo and beat location of songs.
Quantize i¿½ Utilizing the Quantize feature, cue points and loops can be set perfectly on beat. The Quantize feature ensures cue points are set accurately and automatically, correcting and synching beats during manual looping or real-time cueing to reduce off-beat mistakes.
Slip Mode i¿½ When activated, Slip Mode silently continues song playback during a loop, reverse or scratch and continues audible playback at the exact time when the loop, reverse or scratch is ended, resulting in smoother transitions.
Beat Effects and Sound Color FX i¿½ The Beat Effects function offers eight different effects (Delay, Echo, Spiral, Reverb, Trans, Flanger, Pitch and Roll) for additional creative audio performances. The console also includes four Sound Color FX functions (Noise, Gate/Comp, Crush and Filter), which add numerous audio effect combinations and arrangements to currently playing music with the simple twist of a knob.
Loop Slice (new) i¿½ Separates the loop range into four parts and enables repeated playback of the separated sections.
Hot Cue i¿½ Enables instant playback of a set point in the music. Each player can set four Hot Cue points.
Auto Beat Loop i¿½ Performs a loop play by automatically setting loop-out points from the BPM of the music. The XDJ-RX includes Pioneeri¿½s rekordbox music management software for advanced preparation of music. Available in versions for Maci¿½ and PC, users can configure, edit, and save a history of music sets. For added convenience, Pioneer also offers the rekordbox App, which enables users to prepare and manage music stored on their portable devices as well as analyze music via Wave Zoom, key, wave, beat grid, BPM, and ID3 Tag, create playlists, active loops, cue/loop points and beat location settings, and save playback logs of music. The App is compatible with iOS and Androidi¿½ devices and is available at no charge in the App Store or Google Play.
DJ Software MIDI Control
My Settings i¿½ The function settings of a player can be saved to an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or USB storage device. For additional convenience, the settings can also be made on the rekordbox App or software, giving users the ability to switch to their settings when connecting to a CDJ-900NXS or CDJ-2000NXS
Traffic Light i¿½ Utilizing a multi-player PRO DJ LINK connection, a green light indicates that music will sound harmonious with the key of the music being played
Active Loop i¿½ Automatically starts loops when playback begins from a specified point
Auto Standby i¿½ Automatically senses active operation and the presence of input signals, switching to standby mode when inputs are not detected for a long period
Compatibility with Native Instruments TRAKTORi¿½ PRO2 DJ Software

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Available: 1 day, 1 hr ago
Contact: Bytz Pro Dj

Account Name: Tian Schutte
User Since: 27/05/15
Ads Published: 733
Ads Active: 120 (View ads)

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