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Music CD Lifesync Meditation Power Pack Tracks
Randpark Ridge, Gauteng - South Africa

Music CD Lifesync Meditation Power Pack Tracks Randpark Ridge, Gauteng - South Africa

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Music CD Lifesync Meditation Power Pack Tracks Randpark Ridge, Gauteng - South Africa


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The Lifesync™ Meditation Power Pack, which, as I have already mentioned, has been developed by me through many years of meditating and trying different meditation methods, along with intensive reading and research and my own personal life experiences, is designed to show you how to practise three different meditation techniques to experience states of ‘flow’, creativity, inspiration, peace, joy and even bliss that lie beyond the conscious, rational and even the subconscious minds.

The Pack includes detailed instructions for doing three different meditation methods, as well as binaural-beat sound frequencies that enhance the meditation through ‘entrainment’ of the brainwaves to a specific frequency, in much the same way as a tuning fork vibrating at a certain frequency to produce a musical note will cause another tuning fork placed next to it to vibrate at the same rate and hence produce the same note. To illustrate how the process works by way of example, a sound wave with a frequency of 96 Hertz is put through one ear of the listener wearing stereo head phones and one with a frequency of 90 Hertz through the other ear, setting up a wave with a 6-Hertz frequency in the brain that in time entrains most of the brainwaves produced by the brain to a frequency of 6 Hertz as well.

So what’s the big deal about having your brainwaves at a 6-Hertz frequency, or any other frequency for that matter, you may well ask? Well, extensive scientific research has shown that brainwave states correlate almost perfectly with the states of consciousness of the people whose brainwaves were monitored. Electrical activity in the brain sets up these brainwave patterns, and the more neural activity caused by thinking, the more waves are generated, i.e. the higher the frequency of these brainwaves.

When our brainwaves have been oscillating at frequencies of between 13 and 30 Hertz, known as a ‘Beta’ brainwave pattern, for several hours at a stretch, which is typical of the average person engaged in focused mental activity or other normal activities during the day, we start to feel stressed and fatigued, which is our brain’s way of telling us that it needs a break. In fact, the higher the brainwave frequency, the more stressed and unhappy people in many studies done on the subject reported feeling. The bottom line is that while high mental activity and the Beta brainwaves that go with it are necessary for many of the activities we undertake in our daily lives, as they keep us alert and able to respond quickly to external stimuli – for example, driving in rush hour traffic would be hazardous without a certain amount of Beta brainwaves - when our brains are in a Beta state for too long, we feel stressed, fatigued, irritable or downright angry (which explains why road rage is a fairly common phenomenon in modern society!).

People with brain waves oscillating at frequencies of between 7 and 13 Hertz, known as an ‘Alpha’ brainwave state, reported feelings of relaxation, calm, contentment and happiness and were able to concentrate almost effortlessly on whatever task or activity was at hand. If you enjoy doing certain things to relax and unwind – perhaps watching a good movie or listening to soothing music – it’s because the activity slows down your thinking and causes your brainwaves to oscillate in an Alpha range, which relaxes your mind and body.

People with brainwaves oscillating at between 3.5 and 7 Hertz, known as a ‘Theta’ brainwave state, feel deeply relaxed and are able to use their imagination and intuition to produce inspired ideas that can simply not be brought forth when one is in a Beta or even Alpha brainwave state. Theta is the brainwave state that is necessary to produce all creative and original ideas, and is truly the womb of what we call ‘genius’. To go back to our previous example, knowing how to induce your brainwaves to oscillate at a frequency of 6 Hertz, which using the binaural-beat sound frequencies that come as part of the Pack greatly increases the probability of, now becomes of great significance, because it allows you to unlock the genius within you to solve problems and produce creative ideas that can transform your life and outer circumstances in amazing ways.

When the brain is characterised by brainwaves predominantly oscillating at between 1.5 and 3.5 Hertz, known as a ‘Delta’ state, the conscious and unconscious mind is completely still. Meditators who have entered a Delta state have transcended the conscious mind and entered a state of deep peace beyond the mind that is usually only ever experienced in deep sleep or a coma. Advanced meditators, usually after years of disciplined meditation, can consciously induce a state of non-thinking or ‘no mind’ in meditation, which lowers their brainwaves to these very low Delta frequencies, to experience a peace and joy so profound that it defies description and understanding by the conscious mind. This is the ‘peace of God that passes all understanding’, as some have called it, spoken of and written about for millennia by mystics from all over the world and many different spiritual traditions.

Listening to binaural-beat frequencies designed to produce Delta-range frequencies and hence brainwaves with Delta frequencies allows someone to attain the same transcendent states of consciousness and corresponding blissful experiences as these advanced meditators and mystics after only a few weeks or months of meditating, speeding up that person’s progress and the rewards they enjoy through that progress by years or even decades.

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