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MiniGEZA - the original and best mini water heater / geyser
Morningside, Gauteng - South Africa

MiniGEZA - the original and best mini water heater / geyser Morningside, Gauteng - South Africa

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MiniGEZA - the original and best mini water heater / geyser Morningside, Gauteng - South Africa


The MiniGEZA is the cheapest way of obtaining domestic hot water. It includes the heating element, cable, plug, protective shroud, patented properties and safety control switch. It is a shrouded element attached to a cable and moulded plug that operates on any 220V 50Hz electrical system or equivalent elsewhere worldwide.

The MiniGEZA is safe, portable, easy to use, makes the cheapest hot water ever (it uses only 3 units of electricity to heat up 50 liters of water) and is far more efficient than any fixed geyser. If you are using pre-paid electricity, the MiniGEZA is your saving grace!

The MiniGEZA

  Heats water very quickly (uniquely designed protective shroud also creates convection around the heating element to heat the water quickly)
  Meets local and international safety standards (SABS/IEC)
  Is simple to operate
  Is extremely economical
  Can be used anywhere anytime
  Works in any container basin, wash tub, bucket, drum etc.

Save on your electricity bill by using your geyser less, and using a MiniGEZA for heating your water. It is ideal for camping or caravanning. It is perfect for that staff quarters or outhouse without a geyser. It’s a perfect substitute for your expensive geyser, or at least as a back-up in case your geyser is out of action. It’s a must-have for every home!

Convenience - Primarily because of its portability, unique patented shroud and sealing system, the MiniGEZA stands way out in front of other heating methods.

Safety - The MiniGEZA must be used FULLY immersed in water at all times without any fear of harm/danger. It is IEC 335 SAFETY STANDARD approved. The cable and sleeve should be handled carefully and are not to be used when damaged. A cut-out switch has also been added to further enhance safety.

Reliability - The MiniGEZA is powered by a specially-made electric element. It is a tried and tested product that should deliver reliable service when used as per instructions.

Hygiene - The MiniGEZA is effective for heating water in both urban and rural areas for general cleansing and hygiene. The MiniGEZA water heater is eminently suitable in preventing the spread of potentially life-threatening diseases, such as cholera, to millions who are exposed to it, by correctly raising the temperature of the infected water. It can be used effectively in areas where drinking water needs to be boiled.

General - The MiniGEZA can be operated in any position, provided it is always FULLY under water and correctly earthed. Only switch ON and OFF when the unit is completely immersed.

Maintenance - The MiniGEZA operation is maintenance-free.

Warranty - Any ‘factory defective’ MiniGEZA will be replaced free of charge if returned within 3 months of purchase date. This warranty does not apply where the product has been deliberately damaged or, where it has been misused, altered or tampered with by any unauthorised person, or damaged by accident.

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