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Beautiful Govt.Subsidised Homes For Your Family 2 Bedroom House

Lakeside, Gauteng - South Africa

Available: 2 yrs ago
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Beautiful Govt.Subsidised Homes For Your Family 2 Bedroom House


Tired of renting and dealing with Masitanda? I can HELP you. Just buy your own and give your family a special gift. Does the masitanda complain about your kids making noise? or are you not allowed to have a braai? Come now; this is your opportunity to be FREE.
Let me assist you to access a FLISP subsidy for deposit while the national budget is still available. Don’t waste this chance! It takes years before another chance for a Govt subsidy comes, especially if you do not qualify for an RDP house.
If you earn R10000 or more you can buy this brand new home.You pay no deposit INSTEAD its DEPOSIT is paid for you by a GOVT SUBSIDY. What are you waiting for? Call 0714615998 NOW or Whatsapp or email . Remember to leave your telephone number so I can also call you.

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