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Blesfontein Guest Farm Self Catering Flatlet Accommodation
Sutherland, Northern Cape - South Africa

Blesfontein Guest Farm Self Catering Flatlet Accommodation Sutherland, Northern Cape - South Africa
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Blesfontein Guest Farm Self Catering Flatlet Accommodation Sutherland, Northern Cape - South Africa


Blesfontein is situated 28 km South West of Sutherland in the Northern Cape. It covers 3060HA of land and is farmed together with Bo-Plaas (5023HA) and De Hoop (2217HA).

During summer time the sheep stay on Blesfontein and Bo-Plaas, but from June to October Blesfontein is too cold and wet and we move the sheep to De Hoop (below the escarpment) where it is approximately 10°C warmer than on Blesfontein. Our average rainfall (mainly Winter rain) is 550mm/year.

We have 1 000 Dorper ewes and 35 rams, which is approx. 58% of the amount of sheep the farm can bear. One needs about 6 HA per sheep per year. By under grazing we are able to survive droughts without fear and preserve our beautiful vegetation.

On Blesfontein you may also see Blesbok, Springbok, Duiker, Steenbok, Grey Rheebuck, Zebra and Black Wildebeest and Blue Wildebeest.
Several smaller species like the African Wild cat, Lynx, Mongoose, Porcupine, Black back jackal, Rock rabbit (Dassie) and the Skunk occur on the farm. We have seen more than 30 bird species and several reptiles.
In the cement reservoir next to the Poplar trees down the hill we have a lot of friendly Khoi Fish.
You are allowed to feed them special Khoi Fish pellets (In a bottle hidden under a bush near the dam), but PLEASE, only about 20 pellets at a time.

The tame farmyard animals are harmless and friendly. Although all the animals are fed regularly you are allowed to feed them at any time of the day. We sell buckets of animal food. (See Rates)
We have a colourful herd of horses - Appaloosa and SA Standard Boerperd - on the farm. We breed, train and sell Appaloosas. Game viewing on horseback, as well as Pony Rides for small kids can be done every day, as long as the weather allows it.
We also have a small Alpaca herd. They are the beginning of our new eco-friendly predator control program as Alpacas are known to join sheep herds and protect them from the jackal and the lynx.
We rent out our 4X4 to visitors to go on a game drive to the escarpment. (as our 4X4 is rather old, we do not rent it out for trips outside our own boundaries). You are also welcome to use your own vehicle, at no additional cost, on any of our farm roads.
The firewood in your unit is not included in the rates for the accommodation.

Farm Accommodation:

1. Old farm house - North (1 double, 3 single + 1 sleeper couch)
Self catering unit for family of 5
Consists of a living room (with built in braai), two bed rooms, self catering kitchen and bathroom (with shower). Fully equipped.

2. Old farm house - South (1 double, 1 single + 1 sleeper couch)
Self catering unit for family of 3
Living room (with built in braai), bed room, kitchen, bath room with bath. Accommodates up to 4 people. Fully equipped for self catering. Lovely view.

Please note that for extended families the doors between units 1 and 2 can be unlocked so that it transforms into a big house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 kitchens.

3. The Honeymoon Cow Shed (1 double, 2 single)
Self catering for honeymoon couple or for family of 4.
Large open plan stone building where our cows slept at night. Luxurious round bath surrounded by candles for the peace and tranquility only a Karoo Farm can offer.

4. The Milk Stable (1 double, 2 single)
Budget not self catering unit for family of 4 (use of communal kitchen for catering)
Stone building where cows used to be milked in the morning. One double and two single beds. Bath room with shower.

5. The Calves Stable (1 double)
Self catering for couple
This used to be the stable where the calves were kept at night - away from their mothers (next door) to prevent them from drinking all the milk. During the day they were left out with their mothers to drink as much milk as they wished. Double bed. Bath room with shower. Fire place/inside braai. Own kitchen. Beautiful view from bed room.

6. The Hay Stable (1 double, 2 single)
Self catering unit for family of 4. This used to be where the hammer mill minced the hay and Lucerne for the cattle to eat.
Living room with single bed. Bed room with double and single bed. Bath room with shower, own kitchen, fire place. Lovely view from kitchen and patio.

7. Second Honeymoon Suite (1 double, 1 single)
Self catering for couple with perhaps one child.
This unit had not been one of the original stables, but is a newly built stone building to complement the surrounding stone work in the kraal.
Double bed, open plan bath room (separate toilet) with big oval bath. Fully equipped for self catering. Spacious! Situated high in wall of stone kraal. Lovely view.

8. Farmhouse Annex (1 double, 1 single)
Self catering unit for couple and child next to old farm house.
One double bed and one single bed. En-suite bath room with shower. New kitchen with inside braai/kaggel.

9. Rondavel - self cater for family of 3 (1 double, 1 single)
Round hut with own kitchen and bath room (shower). Double and one single bed. Fire place.

10. Diner unit (1 double, 3 single)
Used to be the communal dining room and communal kitchen. Open plan bed room/lounge, separate very big kitchen with large inside fire place, separate bath room with shower. Patio overlooking farm yard. Sleeps couple and 3 kids.

General info

  • Blesfontein is situated 28km South West of Sutherland on the Bo-Visrivier road. You do not need a 4X4 but a little more ground clearance is advisable.
  • The CSIR observatory, home of SALT (Southern African Large Telescope) is 15 km East of Sutherland. SALT will be the largest telescope in the Southern Hemisphere and technologically the best in the world.
  • We have our own Private Amateur Observatory with a 30 cm refractor telescope where Nicol takes our guests at night for stargazing. He is the only stargazing guide on the farm, which means that in the unlikely event of him not being here or being sick, you will not be able to watch stars. (This usually does not happen!) Therefore we do not take bookings for stargazing and, unlike the other amateur observatory in Sutherland, Nicol does not ask a fee for stargazing. However, everything needs maintenance and he shall appreciate a small donation if you have enjoyed the night's viewing.
  • In the Dutch Reformed Church in Sutherland one can still see graffiti of British Soldiers during the Anglo Boer War.
  • Sheep Cheese Farm and Factory (Not always in production, so Please phone in advance!)
  • Louw Museum
  • Let your children meet and touch a wide variety of farm animals like horses, cows, chickens, bottle fed lambs, miniature pigs, rabbits, alpaca, parrots, guinea pigs, marmoset monkeys, a tame duiker and geese.
  • Species of wild animals on the farm: Grey Rheebuck, Steenbok, Duiker, Springbok, Blesbok, Black Wildebeest, Blue Wildebeest, Gazelle, Zebra, Rock Rabbit, Hare, Porcupine, Lynx, Wild Cat, Erdvark, Tortoise, Meercat, Skunk, Mongoose, Fox, a variety of birds.
  • Colorful display of wild flowers during Springtime
  • Magnificent view from escarpment 5km from farm house. Stone built Picnic tables.
  • We have been inspected by the Tourism Grading Council of SA and was approved as a Two star graded Guest House.
  • We have several very tame and reliable Nooitgedachter, Boerperd and Applaoosa Horses.
  • We can offer Game Viewing on Horseback and Pony Rides for Kids. Please phone to book.

Please kindly contact us for the telephone numbers regarding the above information.

In the unlikely event that you may be not satisfied or if anything goes wrong, please tell us and we shall do whatever we can to assure your comfort. We want you to enjoy your visit to Sutherland.

Your hosts
Nicol and Marina van der Merwe


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