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Privet Health & Beauty Schools Witbank, Mpumalanga - South Africa

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Privet Health & Beauty Schools Witbank, Mpumalanga - South Africa


Salty Aloe
(Complementary medicine)

(Salty Aloe has been submitted as a complimentary medicine in term of government gazette notice 23128: read with section 14(1) of the medicine and related act: 101 of 1965 and can be sold as a complimentary medicine in South Africa. The National department of Health of Republic of South Africa Registered this medicine. )

It is interesting to find that in this day and age, with all the medical advances to date, not one person has conclusively been completely cured of the HIV virus. Although there is antiviral drugs for strengthening the body’s immune system, nothing has been discovered that can completely destroy the virus. When you use ARV Drugs it’s a lifetime commitment. You have to keep the body’s CD-4 count as high as possible.  We have tested Salty Aloe on different subjects that were very advanced with HIV/AIDS virus. Some of their Cd4 count was as low as 20. One of the patients had also had TB.  All of the patients reacted positively to the treatment with no side effect.  The product is a water based solution, that is absorbed directly into the bloodstream therefore healing takes place much faster. There are no side-effects to the product. Most people who are on ARV’s have some kind of side-effect, and eventually cause inflammation in the body.
.People using Salty Aloe cannot ingest any alcohol or illegal drugs as it hinders the healing qualities. You should also lead a healthy lifestyle by eating lots of vegetables and healthy food. 

Salty Aloe can also be used in treatment of TB, Diarrhoea, kidney and liver failure. It is an anti-oxidant that protects the body’s cells against the effect of free radicals. Free radical damage is done to the cell proteins, by altering their chemical structure and their DNA. Salty Aloe is used specifically for cleaning the damaged cells and does not hurt the good cells.  The immune system protects your body from different diseases and infections. Drugs such as ARV’s, TB medication and antibiotics, can change eating habits and your nutritional status will be affected.

Salty Aloe is a form of electrolytes, which are very important to your body. It ensures that your cells do not become dehydrated. Electrolytes kill all the germs in your blood as well as the micro organisms that can cause damage with no side effect.  Salty Aloe can be used by all ages. 

The following results on patients were successful:

-Prostate problems
-Breast cancer and colon cancer
-Skin Problems
-Any infection and inflammation
-Asthma and Bladder problems
-Muscle Cramps
Salty Aloe contains essential minerals and powerful herbs that:

-Overcome a compromised immune system
-Improve digestion and nutrient absorption
-Fight fatigue and Weight loss
Human life is not possible without ALL the necessary ingredients required to make the inner mechanisms of our body function properly. Our bodies consist of the dust of the earth, which is composed of 97 minerals, most of them trace amounts. A deficiency or imbalance in these minerals causes our health to deteriorate.  Therefore we need all of these minerals in to experience optimal health. Salty Aloe provides these minerals as they occur in nature. It enables the body to function properly and restore us to optimal health. The benefits of these minerals are enhanced by a blend of powerful herbs and promote well being by: 

-Balancing the body’s PH level, which is vital for fighting all disease
-Improving digestion in the stomach and nutrient absorption in the intestinal tract.
-Stabilizing blood sugar levels
-Normalizing blood pressure and irregular heartbeat.
-Regulating water retention in the body
-Overcome fatigue by increasing energy production
-Elevating libido
-Increase bone strength
-Promoting sleep regulation
-Preventing Muscle cramps
-Assisting body detoxification
-Reducing the signs of ageing.
Dosage: 70ml daily in morning before breakfast. Packed in a 2litre bottle which is enough for one month treatment

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