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AJProjects Health Adviser
Roodepoort, Gauteng - South Africa

AJProjects Health Adviser Roodepoort, Gauteng - South Africa

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AJProjects Health Adviser Roodepoort, Gauteng - South Africa



Call it what you want, Heartburn, Gerd, Acid Reflux, or any other name you may have encountered - the usual symptom of heartburn is a burning sensation in the chest. It can be accompanied by: a sour taste at the back of the throat, or a feeling of food being stuck in the throat.
As described by an article by Mayo Clinic: “Heartburn is a burning pain in your chest, just behind your breastbone. The pain is often worse when lying down or bending over. Occasional heartburn is common and no cause for alarm. Most people can manage the discomfort of heartburn on their own with lifestyle changes and over-the-counter medications. Heartburn that is more frequent or interferes with your daily routine may be a symptom of a more serious condition that requires medical care”.
Until now doctors simply had NO IDEA that this was the REAL cause of Acid Reflux (the acid that causes your heartburn). Interesting isn’t it? Considering how advanced in medical science we are.

Here’s the shocker: Not only is this “invisible killer” the reason for your burning throat, your acid “burps”, and the disgusting regurgitation of food…Scientists and other health experts now say it’s also responsible for over 80% of all incidents of stomach cancer.

Visit the link below to see exactly what this hidden killer is and how it works. This new guide reveals everything you need to know to fully understand acid reflux and, more importantly, to get rid of it for good! And it has NOTHING to do with any medication – only natural products!

You’ll also be shown the only known proven way to permanently destroy this aggressive internal killer – and eliminate your acid reflux for good.

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