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Life Science Health Clinics
Fourways, Gauteng - South Africa

Life Science Health Clinics Fourways, Gauteng - South Africa

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Contact: Dr Charlotte Prout-Jones

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Life Science Health Clinics Fourways, Gauteng - South Africa


In spite of the most advanced medical technology available, people are still suffering and dying on a daily basis from the same diseases the world over.  In fact some diseases are on the increase and there are no cures on the horizon.  Drugs to paralyze the symptoms, yes, but no cures.  We are not even able to cure ordinary ailments such as constipation, the common flu or indigestion, which millions are suffering from and which created the multi million dollar industries of over-the-counter medicines.

Even though there are many debilitating influences that prove detrimental to our health, nothing looms so large in physiological degeneration and damage to body function as dietary practices.
Because most people are so addicted to wrong eating habits, a return to natural, correct eating habits after a thorough detox, brings about such dramatic improvements, it is often proclaimed miraculous.
In order to bring about that miraculous turn around to perfect health, we need to make sure the body becomes alkaline.  Acidity and a toxic build up is the beginning of most disease.
Every mouthful of food, every drug or tablet, every glass of water or other liquid, every puff of a cigarette adds or detracts from the quality of our health, our acid levels, toxicity and our homocysteine count.
Even negative emotions such as anger, hatred, resentment, prolonged stress and emotional upheaval can make us acid.
The good news is that we are in control of our health and that we are not victims because we have a choice.  We can actually determine our own state of health by choosing what food we eat and what we are going to allow ourselves to get upset about.

The first step would be to alkalinize the body.
The human body is extremely intelligent and its natural inclination is to automatically go into the direction of healing when given the correct conditions.
The correct conditions to heal, rejuvenate, and lose excess weight is achieved via a professionally, supervised and monitored fast which is then followed by the correct eating program to maintain alkaline balance.

•      Fasting eliminates acids and toxins from the body and re-instates the alkaline balance
•      Cleans arteries of accumulations that would have lead to arthrosclerosis
•      Organs get an opportunity to rest and regenerate
•      Discards sick and dead cells to be replaced by new healthy cells
•      Cleans out sinus and lungs from mucus build up
•      Allows the colon to loosen and eliminate impaction from pockets and diverticula, often the origin of many diseases as a result of this home of bacteria and parasites
•      Resting the much overworked digestive system and enable it to recharge and strengthen
•      Breaks down stubborn, excess fat and eliminates it
•      Cleans out a sluggish lymph system and restores its flow
•      Corrects the metabolism
•      Autolyses growths and cysts
•      Heals the nerves
•      Cleans out the overloaded and sluggish liver
•      Brings about incredible and visible rejuvenation
•      Dissolves crystallized acids and calcification in the joints causing arthritis
•      General stiffness and pains in the body disappears
•      The body intelligence detects the onset of undiscovered diseases during a fast and corrects it
•      Allows emotional healing and re discovery of self
•      Slows down the ageing process
•      Corrects high blood pressure
•      Corrects glucose levels
•      Heals allergies and skin conditions
•      Corrects cholesterol levels
•      Stops cravings and addictions
•      Minimizes use of medication and in some cases the need for it ceases to exist altogether
•      Corrects the palate so that you now desire the food for which you were biologically designed
•      Lowers homocysteine count
•      Increases the efficiency of absorbing nutrients
•      Sharpens the mind and memory
•      Regain high levels of energy and lust for life

During your fast you are taught how to eat correctly so that this wonderful state of health and quality of life can be maintained and be yours for the rest of your life.
The choice is yours!
Contact Dr Charlotte Prout-Jones NOW on
: 083 288 3479 (Ref: Jake)

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