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AQUA-SIL Health Adviser
Brits, North West - South Africa

AQUA-SIL Health Adviser Brits, North West - South Africa

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AQUA-SIL Health Adviser Brits, North West - South Africa


AQUA-SIL… Which is our liquid based product that consist of tiny particles of silver which is a natural antibiotic that will detoxify the body and maintain or boost a compromised immune system that most people are open to being exposed on a daily basis through airborne germs and vaccines as well as Gmo foods!!! As the key point of mostly all diseases is a buildup of mucus in the body which leads to suffering and illness in regards to mostly all diseases which is a very profitable business to private corporations hell bent on keeping the general public sick to maintain their huge profit based business which with a little research you will be able to confirm this irregular disorder and agenda being implemented worldwide from a variety of different sources on the net!!!

Our AQUA-SIL is NOW being SOLD!!! Currently for R150 for a 500ml bottle of AQUA-Sil to be taken daily and ideally on a regular monthly basis. To promote maintain a good health!!!

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