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Resdiential Holistic Workshop
Phalaborwa District, Limpopo - South Africa

Resdiential Holistic Workshop Phalaborwa District, Limpopo - South Africa

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Resdiential Holistic Workshop Phalaborwa District, Limpopo - South Africa


Nurture your body, renew your soul and discover your inner strengths at my 3 night/2 day holistic workshop. Whilst institutional and self-inflicted contamination, combined with the relentless pursuit of success, can leave us feeling dispirited and confused, a Soul Space Holistic Workshop will assist you to remove harmful practises emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, purifying you with ancient healing arts to facilitate self-enlightenment.  Using a combination yoga, meditation, reiki, reflexology, shiatsu massage together with my intensive therapies you will begin to clearly see your life path and be able to focus on positive outcomes for your health and well-being. 
Located in unspoiled natural beauty of lowveld , the residential workshops provide the right conditions for your body to heal itself. You will discover that the answers you seek to a healthy, happy, lifestyle lie within.  Each of our specialists are chosen for their sincere appreciation of your welfare and for their ability to impart their knowledge you .
For thousands of years it has been known that by cleansing you emotionally, mentally and spiritually you will cleanse your physical body. A Soul Space Holistic Workshop will bring your goals into realization by helping you confront emotional, psychological and spiritual blockages. The intensive workshop is a place of purification, renewing inner strength, learning about yourself, emotional release, centering the mind and connecting with God and the spiritual world.
There are many reasons for attending a holistic workshop at Soul Space including the desire to cure a stubborn ailment, physical detoxification, emotional release, spiritual connection, personal growth, physical and emotional and mental healing, dealing with change, dealing with loss and grieving, to gain inner strength, to feel invigoration, spiritual fellowship and community, emotional nurturing, prayers for specific help, quieting the mind, opening the heart to name a few outcomes.
Holistic healing works because we are a body with a mind, emotions and spirit and what affects one will ultimately affect the whole. For this reason, we ask that your Doctor’s letter of consent to agree to holistic treatments is a pre-requisite of the programme. Soul Space workshops assist spiritual cleansing by enabling you to find clarity and insight, emotionally and mentally. In this way, the physical body is purified enabling self-healing on all levels.  The opportunity to clear your thoughts and clarify emotions is done in an environment of peace and support to enable you to release any negativity which will prevent you from attaining your full potential and good health.
For those willing to confront their inner demons and commit to taking responsibility for their own health and well-being my workshop can be truly transformative. Please note: • No drugs or alcohol may be taken or consumed at least 24-hours prior to participating in the workshop

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