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Chicken Broiler Hatching(Ross/Cobb) & Table Eggs for sale.

Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape - South Africa

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Chicken Broiler Hatching(Ross/Cobb) & Table Eggs for sale.


Chicken Broiler Hatching(Ross/Cobb) & Table Eggs for sale.

Chicken Broiler Hatching(Ross/Cobb) & Table Eggs Grade A
we supply: Chicken Broiler Hatching Eggs Cobb/ ross
Fresh brown and white Chicken table eggs
Colour : White and Brown Eggs
Size : 55 62 gms
Pricing per Box $28
Shipping is prompt

Age of eggs: not older than 1 - 3 days upon dispatch
Age of flock: between 30 and 50 weeks
Trail orders 100 boxes.
Shell Life: 3 Months

We have the following Egg sizes:
Small (43g - 53g)
Medium (55g - 63g)
Large (60g - 73g)
X-large size:
Jumbo size

* 30 eggs laid on paper pulp molded trays.
* 12 trays packed in 5 ply strong export cartons.
* 360 eggs per carton.

All cartons contain 360 eggs packed on trays. Each carton contains 12 trays,
containing 30 eggs each.
Type of cartons available:
- Brown neutral cartons
- White neutral cartons

We have in stock Automatic egg incubators 48-10,000eggs available on sale!!!.contact us for more information’s if interested and place your order now and start making good profit in the poultry business.You can visit for more information and to place your order.

Chickens For Sale.
Our chickens have already been vaccinated and will start laying eggs by
the ending of this month. We sell our chickens at a minimum order quantity
of 100 units at one order and orders
exceeding 200 units then we offer free delivery services to customers.
We are located in the Mpumalanga but ready to expose all of our stock
and business to the rest of the country to attract good order and we are
regular on stock.

Please place your order
here or contact us immediately for more information
and terms of purchase and order. Please make sure
when placing your order, you provide your email address and
contact information for quotation on orders.

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