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CO2 CNC 100W 1300x900 Laser Cutter Engraver For Increased Precision

Plumstead, Western Cape - South Africa

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CO2 CNC 100W 1300x900 Laser Cutter Engraver For Increased Precision


TruCUT-Series Cabinet 100W CO2 Laser Cutter 1300×900mm Complete Set NEW
SKU:LC-1390/100 - R143999
0724055174 #

Let’s learn about some of the main capabilities of our TruCUT CNC Cabinet Laser Cutting Machine. Hopefully, this will give you a better understanding of the potential within this machine:

The length of the laser chambers also vary with the models 6040, 9060 and 1390. They are 1250mm (extended), 1250mm and 1500millimeter accordingly.
The working table of this style CNC Laser Cutting Machine comes with two types of surfaces - the standard and the optional. The former consists of Aluminum and assists in diminution of the extent of back-reflection spots. These marks are not new with CO2 laser cutting. The optional surface is known as a honeycomb cutting and performs well when cutting smaller cuts.
A Stepper motor system is used for driving this CNC Laser Cutting Machine.
Our TruCUT CO2 Cabinet cutters support the maximum material width of 600millimeter, 900mm and 1300 millimeter in accordance with models 6040, 9060 and 1390, respectively. The CNC Laser Cutting Machine in this advertisement provides a maximum material width of 1300.
The working cabinets differ in their sizes (X × Y × Z), i.e. 600×400×400millimeter, 900×600×400millimeter and 1300×900×400millimeter with models 6040, 9060 and 1390, respectively. The Laser cutter in this advertisement provides a working cabinet of 1300×900×400.
Our cabinet style CO2 laser cutters also have height adjustable working tables and go across the complete working area. This expands the working space and service of the machine.
They come in 3 different models, namely - 6040, 9060 & 1390. Their cutting areas differ in size and measure 600×400millimeter, 900×600 millimeter and 1300×900 millimeter, respectively. The Laser cutter size in this advertisement is 1300×900 millimeter with 100W laser tube.
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and read through all its features and specs. If you have any query please leave us a message or Call on 0724055174 to answer your questions. We guarantee that our product will prove requisite for your business and it is well worth every cent spent.

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