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Creative Play and Imagination

Bathpops range is designed to encourage creative and imaginary play, through shape identification and story telling.
Simply place the capsules in warm water and watch the foam shapes appear.
Stick the foam shapes on the bath tiles, and discuss the objects, identify their colours and create stories around them.
After the bath, collect all the “popped” bathpops and use them for arts and crafts.

All the different bathpops

Wild Animals
A set of wild animal shapes which include an elephant, hippo, rhino, giraffe, zebra, leopard, lion and crocodile.

A set of birds which contains an owl, peacock, penguin, duck, swan, ostrich, parrot and pigeon.

Pop the Bathpop in the bath. Children are delighted when a mystery bug shaped sponge “hatches”.
A set of fantasy bathpops to encourage story telling. This set includes a fairy, frog prince, mermaid, unicorn, gnome, toadstool house, dragon and wizard.

Cindy and the Glass Slipper
A set of fairytale figures to encourage story telling. This set includes Princess Cindy, a pumpkin carriage, a pair of mice, a lost shoe, a dancing couple, a castle and a magic fairy.

A set of dinosaurs which includes 8 cute dinosaurs.

Farm Animals
A set of farm animals which includes a dog, cat, pig, rabbit, chicken, horse, sheep and cow.

Fruit and Veg
A set of fruit and vegetables which includes a carrot, banana, apple, grapes, onion, corn, strawberry and pear.

Jack and the Beanstalk
A set of fairytale figures to encourage story telling. This set includes Jack, a magic harp, a beanstalk, a magic duck, a magic bean, a castle, a cow and a castle.

Monsters and Aliens
A monster and alien set which includes a 5 monsters, 2 aliens and a spaceship.
Mr Acorn
A set of Mr Acorn shapes with smiley faces, sad faces, surprised faces and silly hats!

Miss Acorn
A set of Miss Acorn shapes which include smiley faces, sad faces, surprised faces and silly hats!

A set of pirate shapes, which include a palm tree, treasure chest, pirate flag, pirate hat, pirate, anchor, parrot and ship.

Sea ‘n Sand
A set of beach shapes which include a sand castle, sea horse, crab, starfish, yacht, dolphin, octopus and whale.

As set of space shapes which include a moon, rocket, shooting star, astronaut, moon buggy, UFO, robot and planet.

A set of transport shapes which include a helicopter, motorbike, aeroplane, ship, train, car, fire engine and truck

Bathpops 8 in a pack for R19.50 each

Bathpops Set – R111 save R6 ( monthly special on now for R97.50 )
Contains: 1 x Sea n Sand Bathpops, 1 x Dinosaur Bathpops, 1 x Monster and Aliens Bathpops, 1 x Cindy Bathpops, 1 x Jack Bathpops, 1 x Miss Acorn Bathpops.

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