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Fresh Start Finance Distribution (Debt Adjusters)
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal - South Africa

Fresh Start Finance Distribution (Debt Adjusters) Durban, KwaZulu-Natal - South Africa

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Fresh Start Finance Distribution (Debt Adjusters) Durban, KwaZulu-Natal - South Africa


Dear Sir/Madam

Have you :
• Maximized all your credit cards and loans?
• Does your bond and vehicle still need to be paid?
• Are you afraid of losing your assets?
• Are you receiving letters of demand?
• Unsure how to handle it all?
Let us help you save most of your salary whilst still paying all your monthly accounts.  Let us free up your salary so you can take care of the things you need to most!
Its very simple
If you have ever wanted to start things over, here’s your chance!
FreshStart Debt Counselling is an NCR accredited Debt Counselling service provider who is here to make a difference in your life.
We can assist you with the following services
• Negotiate and decrease your monthly instalments to all creditors thus reducing instalments by up to 50%.
• Negotiate and decrease interest on each of those accounts to below 11.50%
• Stop repossession of goods and avoid your name from being blacklisted
• File presented to court to legalise the restructure of your payments toward creditors so that they cannot refuse or take legal action.
What we will require to get started is; [both you and your spouse]
•   Copy of ID
•   Copy of Pay slip
•   Bank statement
• List of your accounts and the installments that you pay toward them on a monthly basis
• List of your monthly expenses i.e. , rent, food, lights & water, traveling expenses (things that you essentially require to survive on a monthly basis)
Please advise if you are single or married, if married in COP due to the legal aspects of the NCR Act both yourself and your partner will need to undergo the process.
For the free assessment email me a list of your accounts and estimated monthly installments.
From this information I will show you exactly how much money you can save on a monthly basis.
Based on the information supplied above we will do a free financial assessment for you, and advise you what we can reduce your accounts to on a monthly basis ( this will be one smaller consolidated amount)
Heres a case study:
MR P BODY has a nett Salary of R10 000pm
His accounts are: 
• African Bank Loan – R1250pm
• African Bank Credit Card – R650pm
• Bayport Loan – R800pm
• FNB Loan – R560pm
• S A Multi Loan – R2440
This is a total of : R5700 that Mr. Body requires on a monthly basis for his accounts.
His expenses are:
•   Rent – R2500
• Lights and water – R1000
•   Food R2500
•   Travelling - R1000
•   Day care – R650
Mr. Body requires R6650 on a monthly basis to survive however he only has R4300 – thus he is OVER INDEBTED
Upon his financial assessment we determine his over indebtedness and reduce his accounts to R2900 thus freeing up R7150 on a monthly basis for Mr. P Body to live a comfortable life on a monthly basis.
We can do this for you today!
The entire process from the Debt Counsellors side needs to be completed within 60 days. At the end of the process and when accounts are paid up, a clearance certificate is issued which means your name and credit score is restored and you start off with a clean slate.
There are no upfront fees required for this process as it is incorporated into the process and all payments are to be made into a PDA (Payment Distribution Agency) – This is a trust fund account so that your money is always protected.  Your first installment is transferred to the debt counselor, your second installment through to the attorney, and from the third month onwards your creditors get paid – please note that all creditors are aware of the 60 day rule – so they know that they will have to wait for 60 days for payment giving you the opportunity to settle your Debt counselor fee as well as your attorney fees – also giving me the debt counselor enough time to put together a proposal in respect of how your funds will be distributed amongst all your creditors.  The PDA takes a small amount for the distribution of your funds on a monthly basis and we are give a 5% after care fee from your rehab amount but this is capped at R500. (you will not have to pay any other amount of money other than the initial stipulated rehab amount – as all fees are taken into consideration when we tell you what your rehab amount is.
For more info you can read up on the NCR website as this iniative by the government and ourselves is to assist individuals live a more comfortable life.

If you have further queries, feel free to contact me directly on 031 825 4541 or reply to this mail for a FREE ASSESSMENT now.
Many Thanks
FreshStart Debt Counselling

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