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Ezi Systems CC Manufacturing
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape - South Africa

Ezi Systems CC Manufacturing Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape - South Africa

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Ezi Systems CC Manufacturing Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape - South Africa


Ezi Systems – more than just a name
Ezi Systems designs, manufactures, installs and supplies products and services to handle all your stock and inventory.
Proudly South African, we are based in the industrial hub of Port Elizabeth and have been serving customers across Africa for the past 18 years.
We support manufacturers and distributors across a variety of industries and are able to assist with the justification and risk assessment for the equipment you need.
Ezi Systems makes doing business easy. These are just some of the ways our products and services can improve your productivity:
1. FLOW: Our products improve the flow in your operation, ensuring minimal delays and efforts in FIFO and continuity. We provide everything from flow track, flow rack trays and bays, and gravity conveyors, to overhead conveyor systems, rotocastor platforms, trolleys, trailers and skids.
2. STORE: Our space saving products comprise all forms of conventional racking, mezzanines, cantilevers and shelving systems. We design, produce and install these systems, along with accessories such as bins, trays, hangers, hooks and fabricated custom pallets.
3. POSITION: Our equipment positions inventory/products more ergonomically and effectively for the user or machine. The machinery is multi-directional ¬– from the ground up or from above down – and operates hydraulically, electronically, mechanically and with compressed air. Products in this range encompass scissor lifts, tilters, rotators, inverters, cranes, manipulators, rotating platforms, vertical lifts and gantries.
4. IDENTIFY: In line with LEAN principles, our equipment ensures that the labelling, demarcation and location of inventory is clear and durable.
5. TRACK: Our equipment is able to track or identify the location of inventory or equipment via Passive or Active RFID systems. These systems are affordable and make the control within your system live wherever the products are.
With almost two decades of industrial experience, Ezi Systems is at your service.
We understand the supply chain, costing, specifications and durability required to meet equipment needs.
Call us today for a free quote, recommendation or simply some advice! We have built our business on supporting yours.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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