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Contract Assessors
Heidelberg, Gauteng - South Africa

Contract Assessors Heidelberg, Gauteng - South Africa

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Contract Assessors Heidelberg, Gauteng - South Africa


ASSESSORS required for end-user computing unit standards to start in Jan 2011 on contract. Must have completed level 4 National certificates in End-user computing and be a registered ASSESSOR with ISETT SETA Job requirements:
•Must have at least 4 years ASSESSING experience,
•Must be bilingual, (English and any other language) Four official   languages will be an advantage,
•Must be able to solve problems on your own,
•Be able to work under pressure,
•Must be results driven, adhere to deadlines. 
•Get on well with colleagues,
•Must be able to work with no supervision,
•Must at all times follow training instructions in learning programmes,
•Must be very punctual & hard working,
•Be able to work with learners with learning barriers,
•Must adhere to company assessing policy,
•Embrace and encourage lifelong learning to all learners,
•Must have experience in assessing the following unit Standards:
        1. Introduction to computers (9532, 116932)
        2. Ms Word (117924, 116942, 119078, 116932)
        3. Ms Excel (116940, 116937, 258879)
        4. Ms POWERPOINT (117923, 116930, 258880, 116933)
        5. Ms Outlook Express (116935, 116945)

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