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Bid or Send Delivery & Removal Services
Benoni, Gauteng - South Africa

Bid or Send Delivery & Removal Services Benoni, Gauteng - South Africa

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Bid or Send Delivery & Removal Services Benoni, Gauteng - South Africa


The internet age is upon us and with more and more people searching online for their transport solutions we have developed a system that allows users to submit their transport requirements onto the web and will help get their shipments moved from points A - Z.  Our system will help users find the best price.  Give our system a try, you will be amazed at how much you can save.

Bid or Send is an online shipping marketplace where thousands of registered transport service providers bid on your shipments. You can use Bid or Send to ship large bulky items, pets, vehicles, equipment and generally anything that you would not put in the mail. You can find a transporter to haul a car across the country, or simply use it to find someone to help you move a refrigerator across town.

By matching shipments with drivers who plan to be making the drive anyway we prevent a trip from have to be made ‘specially’ for that package. In fact a huge number of trucks today drive around empty. We want to change this!

Here are some quick facts for you to consider. 29% of trucks on our roads today drive empty. This corresponds to 149 million tons of carbon emitted needlessly into the atmosphere each year. A sobering statistic indeed.

By matching you with those empty trucks we not only help save the environment, but we also help you save a little cash too and offer you the best in cheap shipping!

Think Green

    No hastle.
    No obligation.
    No wasted time on the phone.
    No unwanted phone calls - Only the bid winner has access to your details.
    It’s free to submit your Shipping requirements.
    Transporters can build up a good reputation from ratings and feedback.
    Building a good reputation makes it easier to win more jobs in the future.
    Bid or Send enables you to find cheap reliable transporters.
    Be a Green Shipper! Help keep our Planet Green by Keeping the trucks on our roads full!

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