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HANDBOOK ON LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT - for Business People and Intrapreneurs
Johannesburg, Gauteng - South Africa

HANDBOOK ON LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT - for Business People and Intrapreneurs Johannesburg, Gauteng - South Africa

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HANDBOOK ON LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT - for Business People and Intrapreneurs Johannesburg, Gauteng - South Africa



for Business People and Intrapreneurs

Willie brought together a lifetime’s compiled training and consulting material, exposure, experience as manager and leader of team members, findings, interaction with management and employees in business, heavy industry and mining, involvement, research and study in his book“ Leadership and Management” that has just been completed.

The book is presently available by email in pdf format with numerous “hyperlinks” that enables readers to move between parts of the book for more information.

The book discusses characteristics and qualities of successful leaders, the consequences of poor leadership and how good organisational leaders act.

Leadership characteristics and qualities are not enough to successfully manage organisations and companies; therefore the management functions of planning, organising, leading and control are analysed and advice given how to link it with leadership characteristics and qualities in order to be good management leaders.

“I have just competed my book, “Leadership & Management” aimed at management at all levels, from Managing Directors, Chief Executive Officers to first level supervisors and managing yourself. This resource is also valuable to 1st degree and Post graduate students. It is written in plain language so that even I can understand; mostly in a “We talk to each other” style; and it applies universally, SA, UK, USA.”

Feedback from reviewers / critics are:

ALLIANT: Compiled with the thoroughness that we came to know you by and truly a valuable resource for myself and to apply in my business.

Senior Financial Manager and MBA graduate: Valuable for every manager and students in management.

Senior Manager and MBA graduate with management responsibilities in SA en abroad: Willie, this is an incredible book and I totally underestimated the scope. I am still busy reading ……I wish I had this manual 20 years ago. Just quickly wanted to keep you informed.

Why not get a copy for yourself and each of your team members to work through together and establish a common management approach in your company or department. If you want, I can develop a management development program for your company based on this manual according to your taste to follow according to distance education.

The following products/documents are available at very reasonable prices on order:
• The National Credit Act, Act 34 van 2005, translated into Afrikaans.
• Redesigned National Credit Act (English) for easier access to section of the Act.
• Regulations to the National Credit Act translated into Afrikaans.
• Redesigned Regulations to the National Credit Act (English) for easier access to regulations of the Act.
• The Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Act, Act 53 of 2003 translated into Afrikaans.
• The Codes of Good Practice to the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Act translated into Afrikaans.

• Best practices manuals specially prepared for Micro-financiers, credit providers and other Small, Medium and Micro enterprises on how to perform important business practices and comply with legal requirements.
• CD - Conduct internal audit to measure compliance of National Credit Act.
• CD - Compliance with Black Economic Empowerment Act.
• CD - Be you own manpower manager - manual and documents to correctly perform all aspects of people management.
• CD - Workplace-relations - manual and documents to resolve all facets of workplace relations such as unacceptable work performance and behaviour within the requirements of the Labour Relations Act.

• Leadership and Management - just completed book/manual - a practical application resource written in everyday language for all levels of management and students at universities, business schools and other institutions to be effective and efficient leaders and managers. Suitable to be to used as or as a management development program for businesses. Facilitating and assessment of projects can be done by Mastermind Alliance regardless of where your business is situated.

• Training program for owners and management: Compliance with National Credit Act - Facilitator manual, colour slides and handout-manual.

• Training program for staff involved with granting of loans/credit - compliance with National Credit Act: Program consists of three resources, namely, [1] Self-study manual, [2] Guidelines how to work through self-study manual and [3] mentor manual for person(s) who must coordinate training in business.

• Affordability - Notice to display in office of requirements that credit providers must comply with to prevent over-indebtedness - available in Afrikaans, English, Sotho, Tswana, Xhosa en Zulu.

• Reckless credit/loans - Notice to display in office of requirements that credit providers must comply with to prevent reckless credit/loans - available in Afrikaans, English, Sotho, Tswana, Xhosa en Zulu.

Newly Available
for Credit Providers
Compliance Report

Just completed in Afrikaans and English is the 160 page manual/guidelines for completing the Compliance Report that credit providers/financiers must annually submit to the National Credit Regulator to declare compliance with the National Credit Act (NCA).
This manual removes the frustration and guesswork of not knowing for certain if you correctly answered the Compliance Report questions or, what you must answer, from the cryptic reference guidelines provided, for example, “s81(2)(a) Reg24”.
Clarity is provided by quoting and discussing the cryptic references, as well as related sections and regulations from the NCA and other legislation, together with advice to credit providers/financiers how to:
1. Interpret the references.
2. Do selection of appropriate option on the Compliance Report.
3. Compile explaining annexures from examples provided.
4. Understand Forms referred to from reproductions in manual.
This user manual not only makes completing the Compliance Report much, much easier but also gives readers a very good insight of what the National Credit Regulator expects of credit providers/financiers and the interrelation of sections and regulations of the NCA.

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About Us
In the spirit of “Ubuntu” - “We are because we assist you to be”, do we help members of Mastermind Alliance to:
• Combat attacks on their existence and profitability.
• Sharpen focus on the core operations of their businesses, define that “reason for their existence”, and focus activities on it.
• Train owners, management and staff in those legalities of the National Credit Act that are important to comply with
• Equip owners and management with the leadership qualities and management skills to successfully operate their businesses.


Willie OosthuizenHolds a Honours degree from the University of the Free State in Political Science and a Masters degree in Political Science from the University of Pretoria. He was sponsored by his employer and completed the Advanced Executive Program at the School of Business Leadership of the University of South Africa with a distinction for his dissertation, “Organisational Climate Analysis in the Human Resources Departments” of a large mining house.

As a registered Human Resources Specialist with the South African Board for Personnel Practice he has extensive “hands on” experience in all facets of human resources management with special emphasis on:
TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT: Workplace training, including one of the first criterion referenced learner paced training in South Africa of apprentices and technicians at one of the biggest heavy industries, on-the-job training and development, management development from first line supervision to senior management at board level. In the latter capacity he acted as internal consultant to design, and present a management development programme for middle to senior management at all the mines of a major mining house.

LABOUR RELATIONS: Member of negotiating teams dealing with labour unrest and strikes; wage negotiations with trade unions; cooperation with shop stewards and consultative committees; chairing disciplinary enquiries from first line supervisors to senior management; designing and implementing disciplinary codes, disciplinary procedures, disciplinary guidelines and grievance procedures in companies.

RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION: Member of company teams that recruited and selected various categories of professionals locally and abroad applying structured techniques.

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: Designed, implemented and managed various instruments to do performance management and performance appraisal for development and remuneration purposes.

REMUNERATION: Set guidelines for and applied performance based remuneration in a major mining house. Member of multi discipline committees to determine job grades for new and existing positions from junior operative, technical and administrative positions to senior management.

MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE: As a manager from first line supervisor, middle management and senior management reporting to the board of directors, extensive experience was gained in leadership and application of the management functions of planning, organising, leading and controlling in respect of human resources, finance, inventory, production, marketing, external relations with local and oversees companies and government departments, service providers, local and oversees consultants.

When the opportunity presented itself Willie took early retirement from the corporate world to again seek new challenges. As an entrepreneur he invested in the micro-finance industry, management and business consulting for micro-financiers in all corners of South Africa and SMME’s in general.

CONSULTING EXPERIENCE: Consulting range from resolving labour relations problems, improving productivity through training and employee assessment to structuring new businesses and restructuring existing businesses through the self developed practical and tested core strategy workshop.

Willie was commissioned by BANKSETA to investigate the training needs for the micro-finance industry together with a major international consulting organisation. Willie’s extensive involvement with the micro-finance industry enabled him to publish a handbook in CD format, “Micro Finance Management and Operations Guide – A guide to sustained growth and survival”.

Willie is regarded as a specialist on the National Credit Act of South Africa and acts as consultant to credit providers and legal practitioners in this regard.

Willie translated the National Credit Act with Regulations (NCA) into Afrikaans for the benefit of his many Afrikaans speaking clients. This project had the benefit that he had to study and analyse each section, paragraph and sentence of the Act and Regulations.

The Law Faculty of a leading university requested permission to use these documents.
Willie has developed a range of training programs for proprietors, management and loan-staff (consultants) granting loans. These programs have been presented as public seminars in all major cities and small towns in both Afrikaans and English across the country as well as in-house training in companies where the focus is on loan-staff but managers and proprietors have remarked, “Now I understand what is required…”.

The training material is, however, designed and compiled in a format that enables proprietors, managers and loan-staff to do the training self-study in a distance learning format.
Distance learning training material for all training programs consist of three parts:
• Study manual; that presents the course content in aan easy to understand method, asking important questions and providing explained answers.

• Study guidelines; that learners must follow to work trough the study manual and do a range of assignments/projects that test understanding and application ability of important requirements of the National Kredit Act.

• Mentor guide; with the answers to assignments/projects to be used by persons appointed as mentors to assist and guide students through the training program.
Willie has also developed compliance audits for the seven different categories of credit covered in the National Credit Act that are used to establish the level of compliance of the Act by credit providers and determine corrective measures where necessary.
The documents used to conduct the audits are, however, in such a clear and explanatory format that audits can be conducted by credit providers self. These audit documents also have considerable training and development value.

BOARD EXPERIENCE: Willie was nominated to serve on the Board of the Micro Finance Regulatory Council [MFRC], now the National Credit Regulator of South Africa, where he served three terms.

LECTURING EXPERIENCE: In 2009 Willie was invited to be a part-time lecturer at Milpark Business School in Johannesburg in human resource management for the Masters degree in Business Administration [MBA] and integrated business management for the post graduate diploma in business management. Willie is also study leader to MBA students who are busy with dissertations.

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