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Changing Mate
Norwood, Gauteng - South Africa

Changing Mate Norwood, Gauteng - South Africa

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Changing Mate Norwood, Gauteng - South Africa


Changing Mate is a very easy to use and helpful baby product which keeps baby’s clothes dry when changing the baby’s nappy, I came up with the idea when I was changing my own daughter’s nappy during the night and she made a wee on the mat which I was changing her on and her and her clothes got wet, I then had to take her clothes off wipe her clean and put a new outfit on her.  I found in other instances while changing my daughter’s nappy that the dirty nappy would also soil her clothes.

How it works
The Changing Mate protects the baby’s clothes from getting wet and being soiled by a dirty nappy by enclosing the clothes in a parachute material pocket, the parachute material is water proof and the pocket is connected to a parachute material changing mat. 

• Easy to use
• The parachute material is waterproof
• Easy to clean.
• Very light in weight.
• The changing mat is filled with foam which means you can change your baby on any hard surface.
• The Parachute changing mat has place for nappies and wet wipes which fold out on either side for convenience.
• When you have finished changing your baby’s nappy the changing mate folds up and can be carried like a bag.
• Saves money on clothes and cleaning products.

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