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24 Hour Mobile Mechanic - Repairs and Servicing Garage
Brackenfell, Western Cape - South Africa

24 Hour Mobile Mechanic - Repairs and Servicing Garage Brackenfell, Western Cape - South Africa

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24 Hour Mobile Mechanic - Repairs and Servicing Garage Brackenfell, Western Cape - South Africa


Mobile Auto Repairs.
Low cost mobile mechanic standing by to assist you to get your vehicle back on the road again
Everyone’s experienced that grim sensation of rushing out to the car in the morning only to discover that it won’t start, or being stuck in the supermarket parking lot or on the side of the highway. Not only have you lost your means of transportation, but you’ve got to deal with all the logistics of having the vehicle towed to a repair shop, then finding your way back home or to work.
As a mobile mechanic, I take my expertise and tools directly to people’s homes, workplaces or wherever the car has decided to stall. In today’s hectic, hurried world, my service can help you not only by fixing automotive ills, but also by allowing you to remain at home or the office while your car is being worked on.

Engine overhauls or other big jobs will be quoted as a flat rate, which works out to your advantage. Spares are always for customer’s account.

Labour rates: R 250-00 p/h or R 1700-00 per day Neg.
Call out fee: R 250-00
Based in Brackenfell, standing by to travel to any area.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?
Either call, sms or email.

When will I know what it will cost?
After calling us, we will send you a estimate, based on the information given.

When will the appointment be booked?
After you have approved the estimate, we will book the appointment.

How do I pay? 
Payment can be made by EFT or cash. This will be discussed when the booking is made.

Is there a call out fee? 
Call-out fee of R250.00 is charged within a 30km radious, after 30km a fee of R 5.00 p/km will be charged. Call out fee is also charged if trouble shooting is done without any mechanical repair or service.

How will I know everything is done?
We follow your vehicle’s prescribed service requirements, including our own checklist, which would be completed and signed off by the mechanic.

How long would a service or repair take?
An average service will take a maximum of two hours, but an estimated time will be quoted.

What if there are additional faults found?
The mechanic will note them on his report and you will be quoted for the additional work separately, and appointment would be booked, or, if possible, these items will be dealt with on-the-spot.

If my vehicle breaks down?
All our clients can make use of our roadside assistance service. Call us all hours or for all other enquiries after hours.

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