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Beep Beep! Advertising Agency
Strand, Western Cape - South Africa

Beep Beep! Advertising Agency Strand, Western Cape - South Africa

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Contact: Stephanie Prinsloo

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Beep Beep! Advertising Agency Strand, Western Cape - South Africa


Exciting Advertising Opportunity            

Traditional advertising is extremely costly and a gamble.  How often do people even see your ‘printed’ campaigns in the local press , or listen to your jingle on the radio? Oh and how many use your ad as a signal to go to the loo?

BUT, how many folks do you see ignoring the beep-beep, beep-beep on their cell phone?

The cell phone has become the world’s new best friend, always at their side. It is a tool that connects them with their friends, family, business associates, and now, with Beep-Beep! Even with their favourite retailers.

Beep-Beep!  SMS advertising incorporates the use of the cell phone to provide information, advertisements and other types of promotion. By promoting in this manner, Beep-Beep! allows businesses to create and maintain their brand by reaching their targeted customers. There is great value in this type of product and service, simply because of its ability to get right to the customer short notice.

Vuyo realises that he is going to be stuck with a large amount of boerewors rolls at day end as business has been slow. He then simply goes to the Beep-Beep! Website and easily promotes his boerwors rolls at half price to all Beepers and their friends in his area.

Wisdom plays a role in the timing/planning of an advertising campaign.  It may not make sense or be necessary to market consistently all year long. Ask yourself these questions: What ‘seasonality” exists in my business? How can I schedule my marketing to take maximum advantage?
Schedule your marketing activities to take advantage of peak times – before your competitors do it.

The Beep-Beep! SMS Advertising Edge:
With Beep-Beep!  you are able to Legally enhance your brand or advertise your products and services to a permission-based ‘opt-in’ target market. This is now a requirement as per the new Consumer Protection Act.
How does Beep-Beep! work?
·      You Register for a nominal fee of R100.
·      Once registered you receive your log in details.
·      You log in and select the demographics suitable to your target market. Provided demographics are: Age, Gender and Postal Code – Thus not wasting money.  You are only paying for the target you aim for. Vuyo for example would only enter the postal codes for his immediate vicinity.  The system accordingly selects only the relevant beepers in those areas. Now his ad would be sent to for instance 278 beepers in only his selected areas versus being sent to 100 000 beepers in the database.  I think you can see the financial advantage here?
·      The system now shows you the total amount of Beepers involved along with the cost of your campaign.
·      Check your available sms credits, purchase more online, if needed. Type your Ad and Send.
·      Every Advert will end with the word Beep! In so doing our beepers will recognise that the advert is done through Beep-Beep.
·      Adverts can be a maximum of 150 characters.
·      No offensive adult or immoral content is permitted.
·      Beep-Beep! Sms Adverts, cost you the Advertiser, 35c.  Vuyo’s Half Price Boerewors roll Campaign would cost: 278 Beepers at 35c = R97.30.
·      As an advertiser, you purchase Sms Credits up front, on line.
To Register Please Contact:
Stephanie Prinsloo – 082 924 6274 or

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